Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. The terms and conditions are valid for all guest admission contracts between Central - Studio - Apartments as provider and the guest.

  2. A accomodation contract is fixed by written confirmation or either in person or by telephone, confirming the reservation. The contract is obligatory in form of a reservation of a apartment. The contract partnes are liable to the accomodation contract for the total time of the contract to the agreed conditions.

    1. The operator is liable in providing one or more apartemts to the guest in the apartment category booked by the guest.

    2. The guest is liable to pay the agreed price for the usage of the apartment.

  3. All prices are including taxes & fees.

  4. Valid means of payment are cash in euro, Maestro card, Visa Card in Euro. The bill for the booked timeframe has to be paid latest by arrival except a different agreement has been made.

  5. Not guaranteed reservations (without credit card) expire after 6 p.m. on arrival day. Central-Studio-Apartments has the right to rent the apartment to someone else if reservations are not claimed until 6 p.m. on the arrival day, except other arrival times have been agreed on. The right to rent the apartment to another guest does not mean that cancellation costs will be dropped.

    1. The apartment will also be available for the guest after 6 p.m. if a guaranteed reservation has been made.

    2. A guaranteed reservation is only valid if the guest used his confirmed credit card to pay in advance.

    3. All following nights on nonappearance guaranteed multple day reservations are being cancelled after the second night. The guest has no claim for the reserved follow up nights.

    4. The full price for the booked reservation has to be paid by the guest at non appearance (no show).

    5. The cancellation fees are identical with the agreed room rate. Overall the 100% of the complete habitation will be charged.

    6. All reservations can be cancelled 14 days prio arrival (6 p.m.) at no charge.

  6. The order is responsible of obligation for executive care if the orderer and the guest are not identital.

  7. A laundry charge for kids up to 6 years of 7.50 € will be charged per kid / night.

  8. A (part) commercial usage of the apartments by the guest is not allowed. The apartment is rented only for the usage of the known and confirmed number of total guests. A Eine (teil-)gewerbliche Nutzung der Apartments durch den Gast ist nicht gestattet. Die Apartments werden vermietet zur Nutzung nur mit der angemeldeten und bestätigten Zahl von Personen. Eine sublease of the apartments is strictly prohibited.

  9. The guest rents the apartment in a clean and orderly condition including all contained inventory. Der Gast übernimmt das möblierte Apartment in gereinigtem und ordnungsgemäßem Zustand mit dem vorhandenen Inventar. Possible defects are to be reported immediatly to the provider.

  10. Reserved rooms are available to the guest from 2:30 p.m. on arrival day until 11 a.m. on departure day.

  11. The guest will receive the apartment keys starting on arrival day personally or in a special safe. The access code for the safe will be given to the guest before arrival. Please do not give the code to other third parties. The loss of a key will be charged with the amount of 150 €, since new locks have to be installed due to security reasons.

  12. All Central - Studio – Apartments are NON-SMOKING apartments. It is strictly prohibited to smoke in the apartments or in public areas of the apartment area. Es ist daher untersagt, in den Apartments sowohl auch in den öffentlichen Bereichen zu rauchen. A violoation will be charged with a extra cleaning charge of 100 €.

  13. The allowance for any pets has to be approved by the provider in advance! Excluded are service dogs, they are allowed at any time.

  14. Changes and extensions of this contract have to be in written form. Unilateral changes by the guest are invalid.

  15. Place of jurisdiction is the registered office of the accomodation.


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